Sustainability and Circular Economy


We combine the HoReCa business and the packaging industry to provide functional, ecological, and innovative take-away packaging solutions and services to the entire value chain of the HoReCa business. Our packaging solutions are implemented in accordance with the principles of the circular economy and in compliance with EU legislation.

We utilize a network of certified packaging raw material and packaging producers, as well as European packaging manufacturers and logistics operators.

The range of take-away packaging is extensive. Often packaging advertised for example as ecological may fulfill the criteria only partially. All our Smart Set Signature packaging solutions and the raw materials used in them meet the requirements of national legislation and the SUP Directive. Our packaging is produced in a sustainable manner, and they are ecological and recyclable. 

Choosing the right take-away packaging for each food product helps improving their shelf life and reducing food waste.


We bridge HoReCa and packaging businesses enabling the development of the value chain of HoReCa business to respond to rapidly changing consumer behavior and to the consumers´ needs to act in a sustainable manner. 


We offer the best packaging solutions for take-away food and food services of the HoReCa business in accordance with the principles of sustainable development.


Sustainability is at the heart of our operations. We innovatively promote the HoReCa business, sustainable development, and the circular economy.

Smart Set Oy

Business ID: FI31901426
Domicile: Helsinki

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